Free DNS for dynamic and static IP addresses.

Looking for a simple solution to map a name to an IP address ?
For home usage, tests or more ? You may have found :-)

Wildcard DNS and premium options soon available.


  • How can I change my password?
    # You can change your passord by using the "lost password" procedure on the login page. You will get an email with password reset link.

  • What are the main uses of "" Domain Name Service?
    # For dynamic IPs (home): You can have a FQDN (internet name) pointing to the IP address of your home router/gateway, and have the IP automatically updated with the "robot url" feature or your DNS entry. This enables you to access your home data/services from Internet, so for example you may host a website or access your NAS data.
    # For static IPs (tests or anything): You can have a FQDN (internet name) pointing to the IP address of your choice, and change it when you want. This way you may for example direct users to a host A, then have a new version of your service on host B and change your DNS entry to point to B. Having a DNS name also can help you get a SSL certificate (e.g. Let's encrypt). There are various situations where a FQDN is useful, and it is usually nicer than an IP address.

  • Can I have an FQDN outside "" domain?
    # No. By now it is the unique domain available here for FREE service.

  • What do I get with premium registration?
    # Depending on the premium option(s) subscribed. Options will include: set more than 5 IPs in the DNS, set one or more DNS wilcard.

  • What is a DNS wilcard?
    # A DNS wilcard is something like '*' FQDN. It stands for '<anything>'. Hence if you make '*' wilcard point to IP, lookups of '' and '' will be resolved to IP . With that you can use virtual hosting (many web servers in one) with Apache or Nginx.

  • How can I get support?
    # Click here to mail webmaster

  • When will premium registration be available?
    # Soon. No date yet. If you want to speed up this service delivery send mail to webmaster (see above).

  • Can I track the IPs of my DNS entries?
    # You can be notified by email about IP changes by adding "&notify=true" at the end of the robot url.

  • Why is this website so ugly?
    # Design was not the priority... 😅